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Give To Help Africa is here to make a positive change in the world. We believe it starts with our beginnings.

We are here to help children and young people in Africa to learn and grow. We provide school bags, learning equipment and school materials, so children can feel ready to learn.

We support young adults in training and learning skills to help them create opportunities to work and support themselves and their families.

Some of the projects we are working on are :

  • We help children and schools by providing urgently needed educational materials & equipment.
  • Helping children have access to safe clean water at school.
  • Helping young people to explore, experiment and learn in a safe environment.
  • Providing clean water and updated, safe sanitation at schools.

Help The Children

Help the children urgently in need by giving a little donation and contributing to making a lasting positive change.

We can only achieve this with your help. Your donation can bring about a change for generations to come.

The projects of Give To Help Africa are in high demand and urgently needed to be ongoing and we know every bit of support helps. We can not continue without you ! No matter how small.

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We Are There

Give To Help Africa is here to make a positive change in the Africa. We support children and young people to be safe, learn and grow.We believe it starts with our beginnings. We work on projects in Africa and co ordinate with local grass roots organisations and schools.

We Provide Education & Support

Education should be the right of any child and our priority is to ensure that every child is getting the basic help and support they need.We are building lasting relations with schools throughout Africa.

We Supply Clean Water

 We are working to ensure that every child at the schools we work with has access to clean water & safe sanitation. We work to update building plumbing and water systems.

We Create

We help young adults to learn commercial skills through training to help them gain employment or start a business to help support themselves & their families. We allow them to dream and create their own futures.

We Educate

We work with our African schools to ensure children and young people have access to educational and enriching material.

We Rely On People

 We can’t make Give To Africa work without help from people. We are always grateful to volunteers, fundraisers and the giving of urgently needed donations. We are only able to provide help to those in need with this much needed support. We appreciate all and every support given.

Provide A Helping Hand

Give To Help Africa can not continue supporting urgently needed  projects without help from you.

We Need You ! Your donations and support by sharing our story and messages can bring a big change. Let’s work together.


Help Young People

Supply 2000 School Bags.

Provide Clean Water & Safe Sanitation To School Children

Some of Our Generous Donors & Sponsors Who Support Give To Help Africa !

We Need Your Help !

Become A Volunteer.

We are unable to provide urgent help to others without the support and giving of time by you.  We always need volunteers who love to help.

Please contact us to see how you can help.

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