Give to Help Africa was founded in the UK to help children and young adults in need.

We work with communities and schools to provide much needed educational equipment, classroom equipment, school bags and clean water. Children should be free to learn and thrive. We want to create learning environments where they are safe and comfortable.

We also provide training, workshops and mentor ship to young adults looking to learn. We believe in creating opportunities so they can gain employment and financially support themselves and their families. 

When you donate and give of your time, you are helping make a big difference in lives of so many children in need. We are helping to build a brighter and more positive future, full of possibilities.

We thank you for supporting Give to Help Africa Charitable Organisation and we are excited to nuture the potential future leaders of Africa.



We want to help the children and young people in Africa.

We have already donated approx 500 items and are looking at distributing 19,500 items before December 2019.

We partner with grass root organisations to ensure donations go where needed.

Our aim is to create opportunities so these children and young people can have the help and support needed to dream bigger. They can become future lawyers, teachers, business leaders, nurses and so much more.

We Need You To Help!

It is impossible for us to help those in need without you ! We always need volunteers who love to help.

Come and join the team !

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